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8 Tools to Streamline Your Newsletter Subscriptions

By Pierson Marks

Looking for a dedicated app to help manage your email subscriptions? Here's our take on the best 8 tools for reading newsletters outside of your inbox.

Feedly: Best for Market Intelligence and Business

Ideal for professionals seeking to stay ahead in market trends, Feedly offers AI-driven insights and efficient organization of business-related content. Feedly allows you to subscribe to emails, RSS feeds, and more, giving you a single spot for all your news content.

Superhuman: Best for Productivity Junkies

Designed for email efficiency, Superhuman combines speed with sophisticated management tools, enhancing productivity for newsletter reading and email handling. Its intuitive interface and keyboard shortcuts streamline everyday user interactions.

Jellypod: Best for Podcast Lovers

Uniquely designed for those who prefer audio over text, Jellypod transforms your newsletters into a personalized podcast, summarizing all your daily news into a single audio format.

Meco: Best for the Casual Email Subscriber

Meco is an email aggregator that pulls newsletters from your existing inbox into a dedicated app. It helps users declutter their inboxes and makes organizing and browsing your content effortless.

Matter: Best for Comprehensive Reading

Using advanced parsing technology, Matter allows you to save articles, threads, PDFs, and more without distractions. It pulls everything into a single place with robust curation and podcast transcription. It also has a dark mode!

Substack Reader: Best for Avid Substack Users

If you're a fan of Substack, their official mobile app is a great choice. You can use it to scan posts or add other blogs.

Mailbrew: Best for Daily Email Digests

Mailbrew curates a custom newsletter based on RSS feeds, YouTube, Reddit, emails, and more. It provides a consolidated overview of the news you care about.

NewsletteRSS: Best for RSS Feeds

If you love RSS feeds, NewsletteRSS is a convenient and flexible platform that helps bring all your personalized feeds into one place.