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Distraction-free Summaries

Using proprietary AI models, Jellypod transforms your newsletter subscriptions into a personalized, daily podcast – enabling you to stay up-to-date with the news you actually care about.

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Removes Fluff

We distill and deduplicate every unique topic across all your newsletters to ensure only your most important news is included in your pods.

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Realistic Voices

Choose your podcast's voice, enabling you to pick the style and tone that best resonates with you.

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Multiple Podcasts

Organize your newsletters into distinct groups to generate pods with different themes (i.e. Business, Sports, etc.)

Give the example a listen:

Your Sample Daily Pod



This sample podcast was created with Taylor, one of our six AI voices available for your daily pods.

Integrates seamlessly into your routine

Get started in three easy steps


Create an email source

Jellypod generates a unique email address for your new email source.


Subscribe to any (and all) newsletters

Use this address to subscribe to your favorite email newsletters.


Listen to your daily pod

Your podcast intelligently summarizes the most important topics from all your newsletters for that day.

Feature Packed

Jellypod is not just text-to-speech. It's a realistic and engaging podcast hyper-personalized to your interests, enabling you to listen to your news, your way.

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Cutting Edge AI

Cutting Edge AI

Our proprietary summarization models enable a world-class listening experience.

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Custom RSS Feeds

Listen to your podcast directly in your favorite podcast app, like Apple Podcasts or Overcast.


Adjust Playback Speed

Modify your pod's playback speed for those times when you're in a rush.

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Built-in Email Reader

Dive into your emails to read the full content that went into generating your podcast.

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Listen Offline

Take your podcasts with you wherever you are, even without internet access.

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Custom Schedules

Customize when you want your podcasts created. Only want them every other day? You got it.

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Privacy First

Using auto-generated emails, we never need access to your personal inbox.

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Push Notifications

Never miss out on your most important newsletters by enabling push notifications.

Stop Scrolling and Start Listening

A Better Approach to News

Unlike other text-to-speech platforms, Jellypod understands your newsletters' content and summarizes everything together, giving you a concise overview of all your news without the distractions of your inbox.

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Go even further with Jellypod+

From more in-depth, longer podcasts to increased source limits and more, unlock the full potential of hyper-personalized news with Jellypod+.

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