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Announcing Custom RSS Feeds

By Pierson Marks

Many of our users already listen to podcasts using apps like Apple or Google Podcasts. So, we're thrilled to announce that starting today, you can get your daily pod in any podcast app that supports custom RSS feeds.

Seamless Integration & Listening

Starting today, Jellypod+ users can create a custom RSS feed to enjoy their personalized podcast directly in their favorite podcast app.

This feature was born by listening to you, our users, who wanted more flexibility in how and where you listened to your pods. Now, you can get your Jellypod podcast alongside your other shows, seamlessly integrating your personalized news into your established listening routines.

What are RSS Feeds?

RSS is a standard format used for decades to publish media content online. An RSS feed is a unique URL that stores all your media data so that it can be easily accessed and streamed by any RSS feed reader or podcast player.

This technology allows users to subscribe to their favorite websites, blogs, and, in our case, podcasts, ensuring they never miss an update. When content is published, your feed is automatically updated and you'll get everything directly in your chosen RSS app. It's a convenient and streamlined way to consume content from multiple creators all in one place.

How To Get Started

Creating your RSS feed is a breeze.

First, subscribe to Jellypod+ to enable the functionality. Then, go to your settings and tap on "Get Your Custom RSS Feed." Now, you can copy the RSS URL and paste it into your favorite podcast player. This subscribes you to your Jellypod feed that is automatically updated whenever a new podcast is published.

Looking Ahead

The journey doesn't stop here. We're already working on the next set of features that will continue to enhance your listening experience, such as in-app transcriptions, podcast chapters, deeper customization, and more.

We're excited to hear how you use this new feature and what you'd like to see next. Your insights are invaluable as we continue to refine and evolve Jellypod into the ultimate personalized news experience. Thank you for your ongoing support and for being an integral part of the Jellypod community.

Together, we're transforming the way the world gets its news—one podcast at a time.