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AI Agents for Automatic Email Confirmation

By Pierson Marks

This week we've started to roll out two major updates to make your Jellypod experience even more pleasant.

Automatic Email Confirmations

When you subscribe to a newsletter, there's often a double "opt-in", where you have to click on a button or link in a welcome email to confirm your subscription.

If you don't do this, the sender doesn't consider you a subscriber and you won't receive any emails. We've seen many newsletters go unconfirmed because of this, leading to inbound questions on why people weren't receiving emails.

To solve this, we've built an AI Agent that can identify if your email is a subscription confirmation and automatically confirms your subscription for you by interacting with the email. Now, you don't have to worry about confirming your email source subscriptions!

If you want to learn more about AI agents, click here.

In-App Newsletter Suggestions

Finding a good newsletter can be hard. And when you're in the Jellypod app, creating an email source, copying the email address, subscribing to a newsletter, etc. is a little bit more painful than we'd like it to be.

Now, when you create an email source, you have the option to instantly subscribe to many of our favorite newsletters directly in the app, such as Morning Brew, TLDR, The Rundown AI, and more.