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How to Convert Newsletters to Audio

By Pierson Marks

In 2023 alone, over 4.5 billion newsletters were sent globally, representing a huge shift in how people are consuming media content. However, email open rates decreased almost 5% from the year prior, implying that people are most likely over-saturated with long-form written content.

In addition, a large shift towards voice-first convent like audio books and podcasts have taken the world by storm. More people than ever are looking for new, convenient ways to get their news, and converting long-form, written content to audio is the perfect solution.

Combining the growth of newsletters with recent developments in the text-to-speech field has given readers the ability to convert newsletters into audio, making it possible to listen to your favorite authors as if they were guests on a podcast.

Read on to learn how to convert newsletters to audio, highlighting the key role of text-to-speech technology and focusing on the innovative features of Jellypod, a leader in this space.

Advanced Text-To-Speech (TTS) Technology

Text-to-speech technology is not new. However, we've seen significant advancements in its realism and almost human-like abilities in the last year. By using advanced AI models, companies like ElevenLabs and PlayHt can effortlessly convert text into natural sounding speech, which has significantly driven text to speech adoption.

These advancements in text to voice have enabled platforms like Jellypod to provide a world-class podcast experience, enabling the concept of converting newsletters to audio.

But podcasts aren't just a long form text that is read aloud. Podcast hosts provide context, abstractive summarization, and perspective to the core material. Using artificial intelligence with text to speech has given apps like Jellypod the ability to actually create a personalized and immersive news experience that parallels a real podcast show.

Jellypod: Converting Your Newsletters to Audio

Most other dictation software (like Speechify or just reads your content verbatim. However, newsletters are meant to be read and not listened to. Converting this content verbatim can actually be a pretty jarring listening experience.

That's why Jellypod is not just a generic text to speech app.

By actually understanding your content and transforming it into a podcast, you can be confident that you actually get all your news in a convenient and engaging medium. Jellypod takes all the most important points from each newsletter and crafts a detailed summary without any fluff or advertisements.

At the end of the day, Jellypod goes way beyond basic newsletter to audio conversion. By combining proprietary AI models with realistic text to speech, Jellypod is the best platform to stay up to date with the news you actually care about.