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How to Convert Newsletters to Podcasts

By Pierson Marks

In today's fast-paced digital age, everyone is seeking more convenient ways to consume their news. However, the explosion of email subscriptions has led to most people leaving most of their newsletters unread.

On the bright side, recent developments in this space have given readers the ability to convert written material into audio, making it possible to listen to your favorite newsletters as if they were podcasts. This process, which converts your newsletters into podcasts, uses revolutionary text to speech technology that completely changes how readers engage with long-form, written content.

This article will teach you how to convert newsletters to podcasts, highlighting the key role of text-to-speech technology and focusing on the innovative features of Jellypod, a leader in this space.

Embracing Text-To-Speech Technology

The concept of text-to-speech (tts) is not new. It's been around for decades, with Dragon Dictation and Siri being some of the oldest players in this field.

Even though it's not new, text to speech is critical to converting newsletters to podcasts. But recently, significant advancements in this field use cutting-edge AI models to read text aloud in a natural, almost-human voice, offering more realistic and pleasant listening experiences to users.

However, podcasts aren't just text that is read aloud. Podcasts provide necessary context, abstraction, and additional perspective to the source material. By combining text to speech with other artificial intelligence platforms, apps like Jellypod can actually create an innovative and immersive experience that parallels a real podcast show.

Jellypod: Pioneering Newsletter to Podcast Conversions

Unlike other applications like Speechify or, Jellypod is not just a generic TTS platform. It offers advanced transformation capabilities that genuinely takes your newsletters to the next level.

Imagine having a personal podcast host that reads all your newsletters for you, and just creates a detailed summary of all the core points! That's exactly what Jellypod does.

Jellypod goes way beyond a basic newsletter to podcast conversion. By leveraging proprietary AI models, Jellypod is the best platform for distilling key information from newsletters, ensuring listeners receive concise, impactful insights without filler content.