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Introducing Jellypod AI

By Pierson Marks

We're excited to announce that Jellypod is now available on the Apple App Store.

After a highly successful beta program, we've learned a lot, grown significantly, and made some mistakes, all of which have helped us evolve and improve.

During this process, we've learned that people are always looking for new and diverse perspectives regarding their news. Newsletter platforms like beehiiv and Substack have seen a surge in popularity, as have audio-first formats like podcasts. The Joe Rogan Experience, Andrew Huberman's "The Huberman Lab", and The Lex Friedman Podcast are all prime examples of a new, engaging content format that's capturing worldwide audiences by storm. That's why we created Jellypod - to provide a personalized news experience in a familiar yet innovative content medium.

Switching to a new platform can be daunting, so we focused on making Jellypod intuitively simple while guaranteeing exceptional functionality. Our engineering team built the platform from the ground up, making Jellypod's integration into your daily routine as frustration-free as possible.

We're committed to continuously evolving based on user feedback and emerging content trends. We're already hard at work in the next development phase, adding highly requested features such as AI-driven newsletter recommendations, multiple podcast groups, custom podcast generation times, and much more.

We're one step closer to our mission to revolutionize the way people consume their news. Download Jellypod today: