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Why You Should Listen to Your Emails

By Pierson Marks


It's never been easier to leverage technology to increase your efficiency at work or at home. One of the largest pains of most employed workers is the overwhelming amount of daily emails received every day.

By leveraging new, realistic text-to-speech models, you can finally listen to all that content quickly. People all around the world already use apps like Speechify to boost their productivity and save time in their day.

The Power of Audio

Audio has the unique advantage of being accessible almost anywhere, whether you're commuting, exercising, or even doing chores. By converting your emails to audio:

  • Multitasking becomes easier: Listen as you go about your day.
  • Reduce screen time: Give your eyes a break from constant screen exposure.

How Text-to-Speech Saves You Time

Switching to audio emails can significantly cut down the time you spend in your inbox. Here’s how:

  • Speed: You can listen faster than you can read, speeding up your email processing.
  • Accessibility: Access your emails hands-free, making your daily routines smoother.

Getting Started with Text-to-Speech for Emails

Ready to transform your email routine? Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose a Text-to-Speech App: Select an app that integrates well with your email client. Apps like Jellypod or Speechify are great options.
  2. Customize Settings: Adjust your listening speed and voice to suit your preferences.
  3. Start Listening: Convert your emails to audio and start listening!

Jellypod's Advantage

Sometimes, there's just a lot of noise in all those emails, and it's hard to determine what's actually important. Jellypod is a unique solution where you can plug in your all your newsletter subscriptions, like the Morning Brew, Bloomberg, etc., and get a 10-minute daily podcast on all the most important topics from your emails.


Incorporating tools like Jellypod or Speechify into your email routine is more than just a time saver. It enables you to be more productive, more informed, and ultimately, more engaged.

Embrace text-to-speech (TTS) technology to transform email management into a more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable part of your day.