Cover Image for Newsflash - Your Daily AI Curated Podcast
Launch Announcement

Newsflash - Your Daily AI Curated Podcast

By Pierson Marks

Today, we're announcing Newsflash - our first AI-curated podcast of the top news in business and technology. Newsflash ensures that anyone can quickly get started with Jellypod, even before customizing their personal podcasts with their own newsletters.

Newsflash complements five months of successful AI and user content collaboration, during which over 20,000 personalized podcasts have been generated. Jellypod continues to focus on innovating with our agent-based architecture to better understand the content you care about, draw accurate connections across topics in multiple newsletters, and intelligently summarize everything.

The launch of "Newsflash" helps users take the first step towards a personalized and streamlined news experience. This feature offers a quick and convenient way to stay informed about the top news stories for the day, all within a familiar audio format.