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The Pragmatic Engineer: The #1 Software Engineering Newsletter

By Pierson Marks

Staying up to date on software engineering trends is critical for tech professionals. However, finding high-quality publications written by industry veterans can be a challenge.

The Pragmatic Engineer is a practical newsletter that distinguishes itself with actionable insights, trend analysis, and career advice for tech industry professionals. Written by Gergely Orosz, it goes beyond the surface of most other software publications and gets an inside look into some of the biggest names in tech. Gergely is an experienced engineering manager and software engineer and previously worked at Uber & Microsoft.

The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter is now the #1 software publication on Substack, celebrated for its depth, clarity, and invaluable perspective on the tech world.

Newsletter Topics

1. Industry Trends:

Gergely excels in providing comprehensive analysis and deep dives into emerging technologies, shifts in software development paradigms, and insightful predictions about the future of tech. His vast industry experience enables him to dissect these trends, offering readers information and a context to place new developments, helping them understand how these changes could affect their work and the broader tech landscape.

2. Career Advice:

Whether it's tips on navigating workplace dynamics, climbing the corporate ladder, or developing your professional skills, The Pragmatic Engineer Newsletter offers robust career advice that goes into the nuances of professional growth.

3. Engineering Best Practices:

Most articles have important takeaways on engineering best practices.

And it's more than just writing clean code. The newsletter covers various essential topics, including architecture design, debugging strategies, and how to integrate these practices into your team's workflow.

4. Leadership and Management:

Unique challenges exist for technical leaders. And success stories are not usually documented or published for others to learn from.

Fostering a positive culture, effectively managing teams, or project delivery and estimation are key areas explored, providing invaluable guidance for technical leaders to navigate these challenges and learn from real-world success stories in tech management.

5. Interviews and Case Studies:

One of The Pragmatic Engineer's standout features is its interviews and case studies. They provide readers with a behind-the-scenes look at how successful tech companies operate and the decision-making processes of top engineers and tech leaders. Learning from the decisions and mistakes of highly successful companies offers practical lessons that can be applied in various contexts within the tech industry.

Target Audience

The Pragmatic Engineer primarily targets software engineers, tech leaders, and managers. But its content is also incredibly beneficial for a broader range of professionals in the tech industry, such as product managers, data scientists, and even HR professionals involved in the hiring process.

Newsletter Frequency

Operating on a freemium subscription model, non-paying subscribers get a short article every week and a full-length article about once a month.

Paid subscribers get access to long-form educational articles every Tuesday, timely articles on Big Tech and startups, and early insights into industry trends. Most subscribers expense the newsletter's cost to their company's learning and development budget.