Our Creator Mission

Desk for a content creator

Jellypod's mission is simple: empowering individuals to stay updated on topics they genuinely care about while helping creators build a larger and more engaged audience.

The Challenge of Newsletter Overload

When someone subscribes to a newsletter, it indicates an active interest in that specific content. But the unfortunate reality is that many subscribers are too occupied, distracted, or overwhelmed by their crowded inboxes to read and engage with their newsletters over the long term.

This ultimately leads to lower readership and lost opportunities to acquire potential readers who hesitate to sign up, deterred by the overwhelming volume of their existing newsletters.

Jellypod want to solve this.

Our Solution

Independent publishers and creators merit recognition for the time and effort they put into creating content, deserving for it not to be just skimmed but deeply understood, discussed, and widely shared. By empowering someone to transform their personal inbox into their own brief audio overview, listeners are far more likely to read through the full email's details, reading over the pieces that the audio summary didn't cover in enough depth.

Jellypod also causes people to subscribe to more email lists than they typically would. By reducing inbox anxiety, previously overwhelmed users now have a better mechanism to stay up to date with their content and, in turn, grow the total addressable market of newsletter readers.

We've even seen this today.

Many of our users did not have any previous newsletter subscriptions. But now they do. And many of our users who are already subscribed to newsletters now subscribe to many more.

Why Jellypod is a Game-Changer for Creators

Jellypod is a win-win for both creators and their subscribers. Here's why:

Increased Accessibility:

By transforming written content into audio, Jellypod makes newsletters more accessible, catering to busy lifestyles and diverse preferences.

Boosted Engagement

Audio summaries drive higher average open rates and discussions around your content over the long term, ensuring your hard work gets the attention it deserves.

Expanding Subscriber Bases

Jellypod users are more likely to subscribe to additional newsletters, knowing it won't contribute to email overload in their crowded inboxes.

Joining the Industry-Leading Innovators

Jellypod isn't alone in recognizing the potential of this audio-first approach. Companies like Speechify, Recast, and Inbox Narrator are all doing something similar. Even Microsoft, with its AI Copilot in 365, acknowledges the trend of email summarization and text-to-speech technology.

These developments underscore a growing recognition of the need for more accessible ways to consume content.

A Call to Content Creators

As a creator, you deserve more of the media spotlight. We live in a world where social media giants govern what we read, hear, and see. And it's distributed via some black-box "algorithm" trained on our personal data and preferences.

People need a privacy-focused platform where they can actively choose what they want to hear about. Imagine if more people spent time finding and consuming content from creators like yourself rather than spending hours in an endless scroll pit of their TikTok feed.

This is our creator mission.

We understand and respect the concerns of content creators regarding how our product might be used. By empowering users to interact with their personal inboxes and newsletters in a new, transformative way, we are committed to building a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship between Jellypod and newsletter authors, enhancing reader engagement without compromising the integrity of your content.

We value your feedback and are open to discussions on how we can better serve both creators and readers.

We beleive by marrying convenience with engagement, we're not just solving the problem of newsletter overload; we're creating a future where staying informed is easier and more enjoyable than ever.