Newsletter Inclusion Requirements

We are committed to maintaining the highest quality newsletter database possible. Therefore, we have established the following requirements for database inclusion.

All newsletters must, at a minimum, meet the following criteria to be included in our database. You can submit a newsletter suggestion here. If you think a submission may no longer meet these requirements, please reach out at

  • High-Quality Content

    Content must be of the highest quality and provide differentiated value.

  • Regularly Updated

    Submissions must adhere to their distribution frequency. Newsletters with a lower frequency, (i.e. monthly vs. daily) are expected to deliver content that is more comprehensive. This expectation stems from the larger interval between issues, allowing more time for research and content creation.

  • Established Readership

    Newsletters must have at least three months of consistent issues before submission. Newsletters without a consistent publishing history will not be accepted.

View the Newsletter Database here:

Ranking System

Because we don't have access to true subscriber numbers, we rank newsletters based on their popularity in the Jellypod app using our internal metrics.

Essentially, the more users who add a newsletter to Jellypod, the higher it will rank. Encourage your friends to download Jellypod on the App Store and add your favorite newsletters to their daily pod!

For more information on how Jellypod helps authors and creators grow, click here.

If you're looking for media assets to promote your inclusion in our database, you can download them here.