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Jellypod for Enterprise

Empower Your Workforce

Our enterprise solution provides employees with a seamless way to stay engaged with internal news via personalized podcasts specific to each employee's role and career goals. Are you a business leader and want early access? Join the waitlist here.

Our platform is designed to help companies of all sizes improve internal communication, streamline onboarding, and accelerate employee career development.

  • Company-Wide News: Stay informed with updates that matter to everyone in the organization.

  • Team-Specific News: Get the latest on projects, achievements, and important announcements specific to your team.

  • Career-Advancement: Receive external news and insights tailored to your position and level, helping you grow and excel in your role.

  • Employee-Onboarding: Simplify and enhance the onboarding process with tailored content to help new hires quickly adapt and integrate into the company culture.

Personalized Podcast Experience

Each podcast is dynamically tailored to individual employees. Employees can customize different aspects of their content, such as focusing on areas they want to improve on, ensuring they receive the most relevant information and insights for career advancement.

Seamless Integration and Easy Publishing

Jellypod for Enterprise effortlessly integrates with your company's internal news CMS system, or you can use our own publishing tool with SAML/SSO. Team leaders and managers can easily create and share content with their teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Dynamic Voices

Using our state-of-the-art voice cloning, podcast sections can be "recorded" in a variety of voices, including the CEO, team managers, or our generic voices. This feature allows for a more engaging listening experience for all employees.

Join the waitlist to receive early access when Jellypod for Enterprise launches. Contact us to learn more.

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