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Ready to take your Jellypod experience to the next level? Unlock the full potential of your daily podcasts with Jellypod+, a premium subscription that enables the next level of your personalized news.

Longer and More Detailed Podcasts

Your podcasts include twice as many topics giving you more in-depth coverage of your latest news.

Custom RSS Feeds

Listen to your podcasts directly in your favorite podcast app, such as Apple or Google Podcasts.

Increased Source Limits

Add more newsletters with Jellypod+. You can add up to twelve email sources with Jellypod+, allowing you to subscribe to more newsletters and Substacks.

Multiple Daily Pods

Group specific newsletters into their own separate pods. Organize related sources into their own podcasts, each with their own theme (e.g. Business, Sports, Tech). You can create up to five pod groups.

Custom Schedules

Want your podcast created right before you leave for work? Choose a generation time that fits perfectly into your daily routine. We personally like to listen to our pods at lunch... but you do you.

Offline Listening

Download your podcasts to listen without an internet connection. Sometimes you just don't have a signal. With Jellypod+, you can download your podcasts and listen to them wherever you are.

On-Demand Creation

Want a second daily podcast right now? No problem. Create an instant pod with the latest news from your sources. You can create one on-demand pod every twelve hours.

Purchase Jellypod+ directly in the mobile app. Download here.